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WiFi full form and What is WiFi

The WiFI full form is wireless fidelity. WiFi is a technology which enables mobile phones, laptops, desktop pc, and many other equipments to connect. It helps these equipments to share information, files and the internet.

How does Wi-Fi work

WiFi works off the identical principle as other wireless devices – it uses radio frequencies to send signals between devices. The radio frequencies are entirely different from walky-talkies, automobile radios, cell phones, and weather radios. For example, your car stereo receives frequencies in Kilohertz and Megahertz range (AM and FM stations), and WiFi transmits and receives data in the Gigahertz range.

To break it down even further, Hertz (Hz) is simply a unit of frequency. Let’s say you are standing on a pier watching waves come in. As you look down at the waves, you can see the crest of every wave roll on by. If you counted the number of seconds between each wave crest, this is the waves’ frequency. Thus, if the time between each crest were 1 second, that would be supposed, the wave frequency was 1 hertz or a single cycle per minute. Assessing sea waves into Mhz and Ghz, these waves are going at 1 million and 1 billion cycles per minute from the atmosphere! And to receive the info found in these waves, your wireless receiver has to be placed to get waves of a specific frequency.

These waves are very similar to the frequency located on your microwave! Your microwave uses 2.450Ghz to heat food, along your router uses 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz to transmit your data over WiFi. That is why some people with old or faulty microwaves experience a problem with their WiFi sign when making popcorn.

What is a wireless router?

A wireless router is a system that performs the works of a router and includes the purposes of a wireless access point. It’s used to give access to this Web or even a personal computer system. Based upon the manufacturer and version, it may operate at a wired local area network, at a wireless-only LAN, or within a combined wired and wireless community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Full Form of WiFi ?

Wireless Fidelity

What is the Use of Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a technology used to connect electronic equipment with each other and then enables them to share files and internet

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