Understanding Venomous Snakes

India is home to diverse snake species. Learn about the top 9 venomous snakes, their habitats, and characteristics.

 Spectacled Cobra

Recognized by its hood and distinctive spectacle-like markings. Found in various habitats, including urban areas

 Common Krait

Nocturnal and highly venomous, the common krait's bite can be fatal. Learn about its secretive habits and habitats

 Russell's Viper

Known for its triangular head and potent venom. Explore the habitats where Russell's Viper is commonly found

 Saw-Scaled Viper

Small but deadly, the saw-scaled viper is quick to strike when threatened. Understand its behavior and distribution

 Indian Krait

A close relative of the common krait, the Indian krait is nocturnal and poses a serious threat. Explore its habits and territories

 King Cobra

The majestic king cobra, the world's longest venomous snake. Discover its fascinating lifestyle and conservation status

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