The twist in Bigg Boss 16's absence of Ankit Gupta is revealed here!

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Bigg Boss 16: Contrary to social media rumours, Ankit Gupta was not eliminated from the competition due to a vote-out.

Since rumours of Ankit Gupta's eviction began to circulate, he has caused quite a stir online.

On the microblogging website, disappointed fans are venting their ire over the situation. Fans are harshly criticising the rumoured expulsion as the phrase "No Ankit No Bigg Boss" is trending on Twitter.

The talk on social media is that Housemates were given the choice to nominate competitors for elimination based on their participation to the programme.

Ankit Gupta was eliminated as a result of this activity and shown the departure doors. This is not the case, though. According to the most recent information, the actor was kicked out because of work commitments.

Ankit Gupta is out of the competition due to a new project he needs to work on, not because of how well he did in the game, according to a Bollywood Life article.

Ankit Gupta committed to doing a job before entering the Bigg Boss 16 house, and he must now carry out that obligation.

Because he didn't plan on spending as much time in the Bigg Boss 16 house, he agreed to work on the project, but he now had to leave the programme due to this new professional endeavour.

Social media is rife with rumours that he has been placed inside the secret room and will return to the show like Tina Datta.