Shilpa Rao: There is still much to accomplish.

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Singer Shilpa Rao discusses her love of Bengaluru, her eagerness to learn more, and her desire to conclude the year on a positive note.

Shilpa Rao, a singer who recently visited the area for a private occasion, beams when she thinks of giving a performance in Bengaluru.

Since 2009, we have performed at numerous venues throughout the city. Bengaluru residents are well knowledgeable about music.

In fact, I've attended performances like Carlos Santana's, who played in the city ten years ago, too," the 38-year-old claims.

The Khuda Jaane singer has a city stop that she must make every time she arrives: "I have to step into Hatti Kaapi and have my dose of traditional filter coffee."

Taking a few of these coffee packets for friends in Mumbai is now an unspoken norm! In addition to that, I also enjoy visiting other sites, such as Koshy's.

I normally rely on my local friends to show me around, but I'm open to anyone who wants to give me a tour as well!

Rao, who was the sole musician from Bollywood to receive a Grammy nomination two years ago, believes that there is still much work to be done.

There's still a lot to do! I would like to collaborate with so many artists. I believe that an artist should never lose their desire to experiment and learn, she tells us.