Samantha Ruth Prabhu Has Become A Surrogate Mother

Written By

Avnish Singh

The trailer for Samantha Ruth Prabhu's highly anticipated film 'Yashoda' has been released. The trailer is getting a lot of attention.

Surrogacy is central to the plot of the film 'Yashoda.' Samantha is acting as a surrogate mother in this case.

The trailer begins with Yashoda, aka Samantha. She is residing in a medical facility with other female patients.

Yashoda and the other girls are told they will receive a large sum of money for their child. Any wealthy individual will receive their child.

But at the same time, such things happen in front of Yashoda, namely Samantha, which blows her mind.

She musters the courage to reveal the big secret of medical fraud while living in a hospital.

In the trailer, Yashoda begins to doubt the same medical facility where she lives. She notices people taking a girl to a room one day.

He realises that, in addition to using surrogate girls, there are other things going on that he is not aware of.

Will Yashoda be able to reveal the secret now? Will she be able to pull this off? Yashoda's journey will be filled with adventure, action, and thrills.