Kumar Vishwas: Use of money from Ramkatha

Investment in social service:

Kumar Vishwas invests the money received from Ramkatha in social service works.

Welfare Projects:

The money is used in welfare projects which are meant to help the poor and needy.

Cleanliness and Education:

His main aim is to contribute in the field of cleanliness and education.

Art and cultural conservation:

Part of the money also goes to projects for art and cultural conservation.

Helping the poor:

Kumar Vishwas uses money to provide financial help to the poor.

Vidya Daan:

His first priority is in Vidya Daan so that students can get the facility of education.

Employment Generation:

The money is also used in employment generation projects which help in providing employment to the people.

Social Awareness:

They aim to increase social awareness, so that true human values are recognized among the people.

Travel and Stay:

Kumar Vishwas uses the money to do social work while traveling and stay, which helps in manifesting his humanitarian objectives.