Inside Taylor Swift's Latest Unbelievable Year

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Given how active Swift has been after the agonising wait for 2017's Red, it suddenly seems like such a distant memory.

Resuming her every-two-year pattern with Lover in 2019, she then makes three more new albums and re-records two of her earlier albums.

The content has recently been spreading throughout—fortunately, with sound.

Swift said on The Tonight Show last month that she discovered that the more she writes, the more she continues to write.

 "I don't know what's been going on, but in the last six or seven years I've just been continually making stuff and, the more things I make, the happier I am," Swift said.

And while oversaturating the market can backfire for some artists, Swift's creative outburst and astute commercial acumen have further energised her dedicated Swifties.

It's a concept album, but it's also my first recently directly autobiographical work.

For the first time ever, three captains will rule the "Bigg Boss 16" mansion in the upcoming episode of the show.

"The support for the record from the audience has completely overtaken me. Additionally, I feel quite weak and delicate. Both can coexist simultaneously."