Indian Fines Googel $162m For Anti- Competitive Practices

Written By

Avnish Singh

Alphabet Inc.'s Google has been fined $161.95 million ($13.38 billion) by India's competition watchdog for engaging in anti-competitive conduct and directed to adjust how it approaches its Android platform.

According to a statement made on Thursday by the Competition Commission of India (CCI),

Google used its hegemonic status in areas like online search and the Android app store to defend the positions of its programmes like Chrome and YouTube in mobile web browsers and online video hosting.

Additionally, CCI forbade Google from entering into certain revenue-sharing arrangements with smartphone manufacturers,

 stating that such actions had aided in securing Google's search service's exclusivity "to the absolute exclusion of competitors."

According to CCI, "Markets should be permitted to compete on merits, and it is the dominant actors' (in this case, Google) responsibility to ensure that their behaviour does not impede this competition on merits."

A number of antitrust lawsuits against the US corporation are pending, and Indian tech sector regulations are being tightened.