Bigg Boss 16: Maniesh Paul to team up with Salman Khan for a special episode

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Beginning with brutal verbal fights between contestants and ending with host Salman Khan lecturing them on their bad behaviour inside the house, Bigg Boss season 16 has been making headlines.

The popular host and actor Maniesh Paul is anticipated to share the stage with Salman Khan this weekend, providing fans with amusement just like every weekend special episode does.

Maniesh Paul and Salman Khan will co-host the Bigg Boss weekend special episode, according to a Pinkvilla report.

Manish Paul will co-host the eagerly anticipated weekend edition with Salman Khan, a source close to the situation told the portal. The filming will be finished tomorrow, and it will air the following week.

The source continued, "Salman Khan and Maniesh Paul have shared the stage on numerous times, including the Dabangg tour and award celebrations, so their chemistry on stage is natural and enjoyable.

Watching the two interact on film would be hilarious, especially for a popular and well-known show.

It will be interesting to watch Maniesh Paul perform with the Bollywood star given his skill at captivating an audience.

Speaking about the programme, Bigg Boss receiving an extension recently caught people's attention.

The show's 16th season has been extended further, and more episodes have been added. It will now run through February 12th, 2023.