Bigg Boss 16 Dec 25 HIGHLIGHTS: Abdu Rozik makes comeback

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The most adored contestant Abdu Rozik returned to the show in today's episode, and roommates were seen jumping with joy. But Nimrit and Sajid could see Abdu ignoring them.

Contestants expressed their happiness and excitement as Abdu Rozik made a comeback on the show.

Abdu received hugs from everyone, although there appeared to be some tension between Abdu, Nimrit, and Sajid.

Nimrit and Sajid believed that Andu had been neglecting them while Shiv and Abdu were spotted conversing. Such behaviour appeared to have mildly agitated Nimrit, who informed Sajid of it.

Sajid made an attempt to approach Abdu about his actions, but Abdu denied all the rumours.

Nimrit confides in Sajid because she thinks Abdu is ignoring her. Sajid shares this sentiment and informs Nimrit that perhaps Abdu's team has advised him to avoid us.

On the programme, Abdu Rozik makes a comeback. Contestants leap with delight, as Shiv, Nimrit, and Sajid joyfully embrace him.

As Vikkas is backbiting about Shiv, Bigg Boss reprimands him. About Shiv's Bigg Boss Marathi adventure, he has been giving the competitors crap.

The show is now developing a fresh romantic aspect. The contenders have recently begun equating Shiv and Archana.