America is ecstatic about India and PM Modi's participation at the G-20 summit.

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Avnish Singh

Russia was criticized for Ukraine in a joint statement released after the G-20 summit in Bali.

The statement included PM Modi's advice to Russian President Vladimir Putin, 'Today's era is definitely not of war'.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Vinay Kwatra said that PM Modi's message was understood by all the delegates and he worked to bridge the gap between the various parties.

After this summit India was given the hosting of G-20. India will organize this summit in September 2023, just 6 months before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The western media has also become a fan of this echo of India in the G-20. Not only this, the US President's Office White House has also praised the role of PM Modi and India.

American TV channel CNN said in its report that India has balanced its relations with Russia and Western countries very well.

The report quoted analysts as saying that PM Modi is emerging as a global leader who has the support of all parties.

While PM Modi commands considerable support domestically, he is consolidating India's position as an international power broker.

A successful G-20 meeting in India, according to Sushant Singh of the Center for Policy Research, will help PM Modi's election campaign portray him as a formidable global leader.