Ways to Make Friends in Online Classes
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Ways to Make Friends in Online Classes

Ways to Make Friends in Online Classes : The quarantine has forced educational institutions to shift to virtual platforms. While online learning is known to be a more convenient and safer option, it can also result in isolated feelings for some students. Fortunately, technology lets students maximize connecting with fellow learners, and in many cases, make friends.

Being proactive about forming friendships goes a long way in gaining different perspectives. In this article, we rounded up # tips for building friendships with your digital peers. Online learning doesn’t have to be drab when you have friends.

Participate In Group Works

Most teachers or professors will arrange students for group work, especially during online classes. For a good reason, this enhances student learning. Not only do you get to hear other student’s perspectives and broaden your thinking, but you also compare and integrate their perspectives for the task at hand.

You can post questions to see if other students in the group may be interested in sharing their thoughts. Don’t hesitate to offer to have study sessions to ensure you all understand the topics to be covered in an upcoming presentation.

If you are feeling a bit isolated in an online learning setting, communicate with your teacher about having more group works. Oftentimes, teachers will suggest having study groups in a chat room or discussion forum. Of course, this is also one of the best ways to make friends in online classes. You can actively participate in discussion sessions to help your classmates get to know you better.

Interact Via Social Media

From Facebook, Instagram, to Twitter, most people have profiles in multiple social media platforms. In fact, more than eight-in-ten (83%) teenagers say that social media makes them connected about what is happening in their friends’ lives and 70% say they connect better to their friends’ feelings through social platforms.

Social media is even being embraced by online classes. Thanks to developments in technology, schools can set up social media tasks to promote engaging course-related discussions or foster better communication among students.

If you find common interests with peers during online classes, don’t be afraid to connect with them on social media. Social media is a key place where people interact and express themselves. Therefore, connecting with fellow students through the different social media platforms is a good first step to know each other better. The best friendships can go beyond the space and time of online learning.

Creates Connections Through Common Ground

While interacting with peers through group work or social media, find common ground to establish your friendship. Find out if you have common interests like sports, reading, or watching movies. Perhaps you are both avid fans of something? Every student will have something he or she can relate to others.

Strike Up A Conversation

Once you decide to befriend someone, strike a conversation by sending a message. You can reach out by sharing something you want to discuss about a groupwork or just share your support for something they have shared in class. Afterwards, you can let the conversation unfold naturally.

Join Student Clubs

One of the biggest parts of the school experience is all about maximizing personal growth through shared experiences. There is a giant community of online students and many of them are members of students club or student organizations. One of the best ways to form friendships is to join these student clubs. Not only will you engage into something that interests you, you’ll also be connecting with other students who have the same interests.

Take a look at the student organizations that currently exist in your school. When you see something that sparks your interests, connect with the group leaders to know about their online meetings. If there isn’t one that caters to your passions or interests, why don’t you try starting one? You will never know who might have the same interests as you do. Taking such initiative will not only do good for forming friendships, but also building an impressive resume.

Consider To Meet Up In Person

It is quite possible that your online classmates are not as far away as you think. Given the designed flexibility of online learning, anyone can enroll in online courses. If you happen to live near your classmates, you can consider meeting up in person. Having shared experiences away from the virtual setting is a great way to enhance friendships. It can be as simple as discussing tasks over coffee.

Key Takeaway

Social interactions and communication are what you make of them. If you want to avoid feeling isolated during online classes, developing friendships may be something you would like to explore.

Remember, making friends is not always easy and can take time, even in a traditional classroom setting. But, it’s completely possible to find common ground and find opportunities to make friends during online classes.

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