how to teach english to kids or beginner
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How to teach English to kids or beginner

How do I start teaching English to my children at home?

How to teach english to kids or beginner
How to teach english to kids/beginner

How to teach English to kids : Many parents want to teach English to their children at home, but do not know how to start. It does not matter that your own English is not correct. The most important thing is that you are enthusiastic and you give a lot of encouragement and appreciation to your children. Your child will increase your enthusiasm for the language. If your child doesn’t start speaking English immediately, don’t worry. They will need a certain amount of time to absorb the language. Be patient, and they will start speaking English in their time.

Establish a routine

Establish a routine for your English time at home. It is better to have short, frequent sessions than long, inconsistent ones. Fifteen minutes is enough for very young children. You can gradually lengthen the session as your child gets older and their concentration period increases. Keep the activities short and varied to take care of your child.

Try to do some activities at the same time every day. Children feel more comfortable and confident when they know what to expect. For example, you can play an English game every day after school, or read an English story with your children before bedtime. If you have a place at home, you can make an English corner where you can keep anything related to English, for example books, games, DVDs or things that your children have made. Repetition is necessary – children often need to listen to words and phrases several times before they feel ready to produce themselves.

Download worksheets for your kids to teach at home

How to teach English to kids by playing games

How to teach english to kids by playing game : Children learn naturally when they are having fun. Flashcards are a great way to teach and modify vocabulary and there are many different games that you can play with flashcards, such as Memory, Kim’s Game, Snap or Happy Family.

You can find free downloadable flashcards on various topics on our website.

There are many other types of games that you can play with your children to help them practice English.

Fighting games – for example Simon says, Charades, what is Mr. Wolf’s time?
Board Games – Snakes and Ladders, Other Traditional Games
Word Games – Like I Spy, Hangman
Online Game – You can finish your English time with an online game from LearnEnglish Kids.

How to teach English to kids using everyday situations

The advantage of teaching English at home is that you can use situations and real objects around the house to practice language naturally and in context. for example:

Talk about clothes your child is wearing, or when you’re washing clothes (put socks on your blue socks, it’s your dad’s t-shirt, etc.).
Practice the terminology for toys and furniture when you are helping your child clean their bedroom (put, let’s put our teddy on the bed! ’,‘ Where is the blue car? ’).
Teach food terminology when you are cooking or going shopping. When you go to the supermarket, give your child a list of things to find (use pictures or words based on their age). Modify the terminology when you keep shopping at home.
Using stories
Young children love books with bright colors and attractive illustrations. Look at the pictures together and say the words that you point towards the pictures. Later you can ask your child to point to various things, e.g. ‘Where is the cat?’ What is the cat after a while? Encourage him to say the words by asking. Listening to stories will help your child get used to the sounds and rhythms of English.

Animated stories on LearnEnglish Kids are a great way to develop children’s listening and reading skills. Older children can complete downloadable activities simultaneously to check comprehension.

How to teach English to kids using songs

How to teach English to kids using songs: Songs are a very effective way to learn new words and improve pronunciation. Songs with tasks are especially good for very young children because they are able to join in, even if they are not able to sing the song. Adverbs often display the meaning of words in a song.

There are many fun, animated songs on LearnEnglish Kids that you can listen to with your children.

Teach grammar

With young children, there is no need to explicitly teach grammar rules, rather use them to listen and use various grammatical structures in context, for example ‘you’ve got’ when you are about the presence of someone Talking in, or “should / shouldn’t” when talking about his school rules. Listening to the grammar being used in context from an early age will help your child to use it naturally and correctly as they grow up.

For older children, you can use the grammar practice section on LearnEnglish Kids. Videos, quizzes and games help children to have fun, relaxed learning.

This can be very useful for older children to teach their siblings or other family members. Explaining how to use grammar to someone else helps you master it yourself.

Which words and phrases should I teach first?

When deciding which subjects to teach, consider your child’s interests and personality and help your child choose. You might like to start with some of these topics:

Number (1–10; 10–20; 20–100)
Adjectives (eg big, small, long, happy, sad, tired)
the body
Animals (e.g. pets, farm animals, wild animals)
You can find lots of fun activities on a huge range of subjects at LearnEnglish Kids.

It is also important for your child to use the language of ‘English time’, so use the same phrases with your child every time, e.g. Time It is English time! let’s sit down. What song will we start today? Please children will soon pick up such phrases; Thank you; can I have …?; Where …?; Indicate…; what Colour is it?; its …; I like …; I do not like …

Whatever your point of view, the most important thing is to relax, have fun and learn English is a pleasant experience for both you and your child.

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