how to change the battery in Nissan Key Fob
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How to change battery in nissan key fob| Step By Step Guide

Hey everybody Brock Frady here helping you enjoy  your ride. In this clip we are going to cover how to replace the battery in your Nissan key fob.  This key fob in particular is for an Altima but  its pretty much going to do for any model of  Nissan that you have as long as its a newer model. On the front you have your lock, unlock,  trunk, panic and remote start functions.

But if  you come out to the car one day and these do not work or they begin to work intermittently then you probably need a new battery. In which case  you want to flip the key fob over and there’s a switch on the back.

How to Change Nissan Key Fob Battery

You going to push that switch down and then you’re going to remove a physical key from inside the key head. This is the key that  you probably will have to use to get into the car. When you get into the car you may have enough juice in this to operate the vehicle. You’ll just have to place this up by the push button  and that will allow you to start it.

But when you do get to the point where you have to replace that battery you going to take a small flat head screwdriver. You can see there’s a little slot on  either side of this tab. And you’re going to put the screwdriver into the slot and twist it and the  its going to pop open. And then you pop open the key right there and there’s your battery.

At that  point you’re going to take your screwdriver and wedge it down toward the bottom and it’s going to  pop right out. You’re going to need to replace it with a battery that has a part number of CR2032  and that’s going to work. You can get those at really any major retail outlet. And once you  have your battery you’re going to pop it back in. It’s going to snap all back together. Put  the metal shank back in the key. And that’s  it.

That’s how to replace the battery in a Nissan key fob. Thanks so much for watching everybody. I hope this helps you enjoy your  ride. Remember to subscribe and have a great day.

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