How Much Does it Cost for Motorcycle Insurance?

A lot of insurance options are available, including motorbike insurance, and they are designed to shield us from risks we cannot control.

Therefore, you must be aware of the cost of motorbike insurance if you currently own one or are thinking about purchasing one. You should also be aware of the variables that may affect the price of the insurance plan you select. You will learn everything you need to know ,thanks to this post.

The majority of states in the US require motorcycle insurance, but regardless of local laws, every rider benefits from having active coverage. To ascertain the cost of protecting your bike, your health, and your finances, we gathered thousands of estimates from all around the nation.

As a motorcyclist, you might think of several things before getting on your bike, such as a helmet, leathers, boots, gas, and tyres, but insurance coverage might not be one of them.

Similar to auto insurance, motorcycle insurance restricts your legal responsibility in the event of an accident. It is necessary in every state, with the exception of Florida, Washington, Montana, and New Hampshire.

What Are Motorcycle Insurance Costs?

In the event of a motorbike accident, theft, or damage, motorcycle insurance safeguards your finances. If you are found accountable for another person’s injuries or property damage, it also contains liability coverage. These plans cover a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, choppers, fast street bikes, or “crotch rockets,” mopeds, and even Segways.

You might have a few inquiries if you recently bought a motorcycle or have owned one for some time and are considering switching insurance companies.

Usually, your motorcycle insurance will cover the cost of the insurance. Overall, despite the cost of the insurance, you should consider purchasing it.

What Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cost Cover?

Some of the expenditures related to bike damage will be covered by a typical policy. Additionally, it will make up for you if you hurt someone else or their property, incur legal costs as a result of an accident, or both.

If you cause an accident and are found to be at fault, your motorbike liability insurance, sometimes referred to as “bodily injury and property damage liability,” will pay the costs of liability claims and legal fees up to the limits of your policy. The cost of motorbike insurance and the insurance company would both affect what it would cover. Your policy can be modified to provide the following protections:

  • You will be given the full replacement cost of your bike if it is declared a total loss. Insurance with comprehensive coverage covers loss or damage brought on by factors other than collisions. This covers damage brought on by animals, hail, and other weather-related events, but most significantly, motorbike theft.
  • If you need to be hospitalised or receive medical treatment, medical payments will be reimbursed. When another driver is at fault in an accident but does not have enough insurance to pay for your expenditures, you are protected by uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Damage to or loss of your upgrades and equipment, including sidecars, transport trailers, special exhaust systems, and protective gear like chaps and helmets.

Strike a balance between protecting yourself from the hazards you face and what you can afford to pay for coverage when selecting what your motorbike insurance should cover. The good news is that there are several methods to reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance if you are a careful rider with a spotless driving record.

What Are The Best Cheapest Companies For Motorcycle Insurance?

Your expenses will be greatly affected by the firm you decide to insure both you and your motorcycle with. This is why every cyclist should evaluate prices before choosing an insurance. Whether you’re shopping around or searching for your first motorcycle insurance, we think these firms are worth taking into account.


The affordability of GEICO’s motorbike insurance sets it apart from the competition. If you frequently ride a motorbike, GEICO not only offers reasonable coverage, but also mobile features to assist you in managing your policy.

In addition to conventional motorcycle insurance, GEICO also provides optional extras like emergency roadside assistance and coverage for accessories. They provide motorcycle insurance at one of the cheapest prices.


Nationwide provides many different types of coverage options in addition to many different discounts. Since the company was founded in 1926, Nationwide has offered motorbike insurance. They provide motorcycle insurance at one of the cheapest prices. Based on all-year coverage, its prices.

With Nationwide, you can also personalise your coverage to cover up to 12 bikes on an one policy, with coverage for up to $50,000 per bike, up to $30,000 for custom parts, up to $50,000 for unique bikes and trikes, and up to $50,000 for motorcycle trailers. Additionally, it offers discounts on up to eight different motorbike insurance plans.


For frequent motorcycle riders, Progressive is a great option because of its savings and coverage add-ons, many of which come at no additional cost.

Progressive motorcycle insurance packages offer $3,000 in comprehensive and collision coverage to cover additions, modifications, equipment, and accessories, full replacement cost coverage for parts with no depreciation, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for repairs. They provide motorcycle insurance at one of the cheapest prices. Nationwide
Nationwide provides many different types of coverage options in addition to many different discounts. Since the company was founded in 1926, Nationwide has offered motorbike insurance. They provide motorcycle insurance at one of the cheapest prices. Based on all-year coverage, its prices.


Although Markel Markel is the highest priced company on the list, its policy options seem to support its claim that motorcycle insurance is its area of expertise. In addition to conventional products, Markel provides a wide range of supplementary coverage alternatives.

They provide motorcycle insurance at one of the cheapest prices. Particularly, Markel’s mechanical breakdown coverage, rental reimbursement, and accident forgiveness programme, which aren’t as common at other insurance providers, could be of great use to frequent riders. This organisation also makes it simple to lower the cost of motorbike insurance with its many offers.

What Elements Affect Motorcycle Insurance Prices?

The price of motorbike insurance varies depending on a number of variables. You must be absolutely truthful about your bike and riding style while obtaining coverage. Your insurance will inquire about your riding habits, including your destination, length of journey, number of passengers, bike worth, and parking location.

The “lay-up credit” provision found in the majority of motorbike insurance policies lets you suspend coverage for a period of time each year. When they keep or store their bikes in the garage for the winter, most riders take advantage of this. Lay-up credits can help you develop a long-lasting relationship with one insurance provider and may eventually result in a rate reduction.

The following are some of the variables that can be taken into account when determining a premium, however each state has its own rate-setting requirements:

  • Location
  • Age and prior riding history
  • Use regularly
  • citations for traffic and speeding offences
  • Accident and claim history
  • bicycle type
  • Your credit rating.
  • Insurance choices
  • Maximum deduction

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Motorcycle insurance rates range widely. You may save a few hundred bucks annually if you commute in a compact Honda and have a spotless driving record. On the other hand, if you buy a crotch rocket as a new teen motorcyclist, you might have to pay premiums that range from $3,000 to $5,000 year.

For those accustomed to paying for vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance may seem pricey. The higher charges for motorbike operators reflect the greater risk they run when operating a vehicle.

For instance, it is more challenging to see motorcycles on the road and in blind zones. Because the rider of a motorcycle has less protection than one in a car with steel reinforcement and airbags, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious and fatal injuries.

Motorcycles, especially sports bikes, are simple targets for theft. One can be quickly loaded onto a truck by two or three persons and driven away. Recovery rates are poor since stolen motorcycles are frequently used as spare components.

Thieves may easily get a clean salvage title by buying a frame from one of the thousands of bikes that have crashed, taking the engine, wheels, and everything else off of the original frame, and mounting it into a new frame.

The Average Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance By Age

Similar to auto insurance providers, motorcycle insurance providers will base your quote on things like your age and driving record. The length of time that you have been riding and driving is typically taken into consideration.

The cost of insurance often decreases with rider experience. Here are the prices in relation to GEICO estimates for a fictitious male rider who started riding a motorcycle at the age of 20. The policy includes uninsured motorist protection, comprehensive collision protection, and bodily injury liability limits of up to $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

Motorcycle insurance costs differ depending on age, with a 55-year-old rider paying roughly $100 less annually than a 25-year-old. Similar to auto insurance, traffic fines might affect how much you have to pay for motorcycle insurance. Getting a traffic ticket will increase the cost of your motorbike insurance, according to Progressive, whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle.

The average Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance By State

In some states, it is more expensive than in others. Your motorbike insurance premium may be influenced by state regulations that mandate coverage, such as auto insurance.

Another element that affects the price depending on where you reside is the winter weather in your state. Some regions of the United States only allow motorcycles during certain seasons. In states with severe winters, like New England and the northern Midwest, coverage is less expensive.

What Cost-Saving Techniques Are Available?

There are various methods you can employ to lower the cost of insurance:

  • Invest in a secondhand bike with a poor resale value.
  • Get a bicycle with a smaller engine (under 600cc)
  • Enroll in a course on motorcycle safety.
  • Avoid filing claims by riding carefully.
  • Ask an independent agent to compare rates from other insurance providers on your behalf.
  • Ask your agent about all potential discounts; you might be entitled to money off if you have a spotless driving record, travel a set number of miles annually, or are a member of a particular organisation or club.