First in India Male
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First in India (MALE)

  • First governor of Bengal was Lord Clive(1757-60).
  • Last Governor Of Bengal was Warren Hastings(1771-74).
  • First governor general of Bengal Warren Hastings(1774-1785)
  • First governor General of India Lord William Bentic(1833-35)
  • Last governor general and first viceroy of India was lord Canning(1856-62)
  • First president of Indian National Congress was W.C Benerjee.
  • First governor general of independent india was C. Rajgopalachari (21/06/1948 – 25/01/1950)
  • First indian to pass ICS was Surendra Nath Benerjee.
  • First indian I.C.S. Officer was Satyendra Nath Tagore.
  • FIrst Governor general of India (after independence) was Lord Mountbatten ( 15 Aug 1947 – 20 June 1948)
  • Furst indian cosmonaut(To go into space) was Rakesh sharma.
  • First temporary president of the constituent Assembly Dr. Sacchida Nand Sinha.
  • First Commander in chief of free india Genral K.M. Cariappa
  • First Indian Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore.
  • Indian Judge of International Court of Justice DR. Nagendra singh
  • First indian to get Bharat Ratna Award Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.
  • First Field Marshal General S.F.J. Manekshaw.
  • First President of constituent assembly Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
  • First indian to swim across the English channel Mihir sen.
  • First indian to get Jnanpeeth Award G. shankar Kurup.
  • First Muslim President of indian Republic Dr. Zakir Hussain.
  • First indian to win Palk-Strait Ocean Swimming Contest Bidyanath Nath.
  • First Speaker of Lok-sabha G.V. Mavalankar (1952-1957).
  • First Person to make printing press Popular in india James Hicky.
  • First education minister of independent india Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.
  • First President of Indian Republic Dr. Rajendra prasad.
  • First prime minister of independent india Pt. Jwaharlal Nehru.
  • First Home minister of Independent India Sardar vallabh bhai patel
  • First Vice-President Of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.
  • First Chief of Air staff Air Marshal Sir thomas Elmhirst.
  • First Indian Air chief of India Air Marshal S. Mukharjee.
  • First chief of Army Staff General M Rajendra singh.
  • First Chief of Neval Staff of India Vice-Admiral R.D. Katari.
  • First Scale Atomic Reactor Of India Apsara(1956).

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